Deep Space Research
Outstanding features to hold delicate artefacts

Highest m
useum standards imposes the use of inert materials
on a chemical
view point and this should absorb most vibration
frequencies bands in order to avoid structural dynamics
problems in
respect to physical integrity in all the cases.

Challenging targets & outstanding expectations:
- Clearer than Acrylic glass which are them clearer than glass
- Exceptional resistance to ions migration against corrosion
- Originally designed as deep space corrosion protection
- Pronounced inherent tack for a good and secure hang
An addition-curing system promoting time passivity
- Specific non corrosive, toxic nor aggressive formulae
- Compile food and clean room procedures standards
- Compile most recent regulation as flame retardant
- Compile vibration buffering & stress free requisites

Those are just to secure items into our mechanism.