User Options:
After identification, all commands are made available.

The orders are quite simple and may be summarised by three
options ; either the
collection should be turned over; either
another set of collection must be
presented - now as a set of
collection can
be requested, a single coin can also be requested.
Following this idea, any
section can be presented and
highlighted by a simple request.

As each coin is loaded into a single motorised block, each block
retain all
relevant information to scientifically identify the coin and
also to retain which
light intensity is best for every presentation's

Having defined that and assuming new coins arrangements
should take place,
switching blocks around will prevent coin's
manipulation and the machine,
invisible to the user, automatically
detects the new configuration and
adjusts its commands

Studies Options:
After identification, specific commands are made available.

A thorough single coin study can take place from the
touch screen panel or
from any other Internet places.
The screen is equipped with high-resolution imagery, proper to
a microscope examination. Today 3D scanning
technology enable us to set
up thorough tribological studies.
This allow historians to work on a virtual collection.

Thanks to this, no handling, and even no showcase opening
are required to
perform deep studies of the collection and
though actively safeguarding the
integrity of the collection.

The removal of coins from the Rotary Display Stand is
a simple step, but
it should be taken only with great
circumspection, as remounting and
adjusting relevant
required skilled and trained professionals.

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