These Rotary Display Systems were imagined from a subtle blends
out of the Swiss watchmaker's tradition, with the utmost in
archaeological conservation, materials science, 
industrial automation and museum standards.

We produce multipliable devices that follows collection expansion
and fully customizable
Suitable for any small items requiring multi-sides presentations

Processed toward a full automation to offer the end user a sense of 
visual comfort and 
boost considerably the passive security at the entire 
benefits of the collection, according to the highest museums standards. 

Up to 130'000 pieces were assembled within a single showcase where
the micron is our general tolerance standard.

Ready to accommodate ; coins - watch movements - gems - precious and 
delicate items with irregular shapes, the units are provided with calibrated 
lightings, unitary integrated and bidirectionally deployed, under chromaticity 
coordinates narrow as ±0.01. 

This is a pure SWISS MADE product.

Image made by Gaël Hiétin, ateliergh, Paris.